Here are the labs most recent publications, but you can see a complete list on my google scholar page linked below.

2020    Peters CH, Myers ME, Juchno J, Haimbaugh C, Bichraoui H, Du Y, Bankston JR, Walker LA, Proenza C.  “Isoform-specific regulation of HCN4 channels by a family of endoplasmic reticulum proteins.” P.N.A.S, USA. July 28,2020; 117(30):18079-18090. PMID: 32647060

2020    Klipp RC, Cullinan MM, Bankston JR. “Insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of acid-sensing ion channel 3 gating by Stomatin.” Journal of General Physiology. 2020 Mar 2;152(3):e201912471. PMID: 32012213

2017    Bankston JR, DeBerg HA, Stoll S, Zagotta WN. “Mechanism for the inhibition of the cAMP dependence of HCN ion channels by the auxiliary subunit TRIP8b.” J. Biol Chem. Oct 27;292(43):17794-17803.

2015    DeBerg HA*, Bankston JR* (co-first authors), Rosenbaum JC, Brzovich PS, Zagotta WN, Stoll S. “Structural mechanism for the regulation of HCN ion channel by the accessory protein TRIP8b.” Structure. Apr 7;23(4):734-44.


John Bankston Google Scholar Page

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